Qiongli Zhai Ph.D.
Vice Director
Member of tumor metastasis special committee of Chinese anti-cancer association; Member of lymphoma group, pathology branch, Chinese medical association; Member of pathology committee, hematology branch, Chinese anti-cancer association; Member, Chinese pathologists committee (CCP) lymphoma group.

In 2002, he obtained a doctor's degree in pathology from China union medical college. From January 2004 to April 2006, he was a postdoctoral researcher in saint Louis hospital in France. From March 2008 to now, I have been transferred to the department of pathology as an introduction of talents from the tumor hospital of tianjin medical university. In 2010, the department of pathology of Nebraska medical center in the United States studied lymphoma diagnosis. He has been engaged in pathological diagnosis for more than 20 years and has a deep knowledge of pathological diagnosis of lymphoma. He has been invited to give special lectures on national pathological summit BBS conference and network platform for many times.