Wanmin Qiang, Professor

Academic Activities

Chairman of the Youth Committee of Chinese Association of Nurses in Oncology sector of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, Vice-Chairman of Oncology Nursing Committee of the Chinese Nursing Association, Honorary Chairman of the Oncology Nursing Committee for Tianjin Nursing Association. She is a member of the editorial boards of Chinese Journal of Nursing, Chinese Nursing Management, Tianjin Journal of Nursing and Journal of Nursing Training. As the tutor to the Professional masters degree programs at Tianjin Medical University and Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, her research focuses on rehabilitation for breast cancer, palliative care and nursing management.

Research Focus

She has participated in several research programs on nursing management, rehabilitation for breast cancer, hospice care and palliative care, many of which have been confirmed by Tianjin Medical University and Tianjin Health Bureau. She has developed a nursing risk assessment tool for clinical departments in cancer-hospitals, which has guided and been applied to grading risk, performance allocation and human resource allocation in clinical departments. She has established an index system for nursing quality evaluation in cancer hospitals using a Delphi technique. She has explored the effect of Microwave Therapy combined with Intermittent Pneumatic Compression pump for breast cancer patients, investigated the level of sexual health among breast cancer patients during chemotherapy, which provides a scientific theoretical basis for the nursing staff to provide individualized health education. The whole-process integrated breast cancer rehabilitation nursing model and the breast cancer patients’ discharge plan model which she constructed and has been applied in breast cancer departments.

Research Projects
The project “Nursing Research on the Effect of Systematic Exercise on the Rehabilitation of Breast Cancer Patients after Adjuvant Chemotherapy” was approved by the Scientific and Technological Achievements of Tianjin Health Bureau in 2010. The project “Nursing Research on reducing subclavian CVC catheter related infection in gastric cancer patients” was approved by the Scientific and Technological Achievements of Tianjin Health Bureau in 2011.
The project “The Model Construction and Clinical Application Research of Whole-process Integrated Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Nursing” was awarded the 2014 Nurture Project (category B) of the National Center for Clinical Medicine of Oncology, and was successfully finished in 2017.
The research “The Application of EKG Tip Positioning Method in PICC Catheterization” was introduced into Tianjin to fill in the gap in technology in 2015. The project “Nursing Research on Systematic Intervention for Breast Cancer related Lymphedema” was approved by the Tianjin Science and Technology Commission in 2016.
The research “The Model Construction of Discharge Plan for Breast Cancer Patients” was awarded the 2017 Hospital Management Innovation Research Project by Tianjin Medical University.

Two national utility model patents were awarded in 2017.

Publication Books
She has published more than 50 papers as the first or corresponding author, the publishing journals include Chinese Journal of Nursing, Chinese Journal of Nosocomiology, Tianjin Journal of Nursing, Journal of Nurseing Training, Journal of Nursing Science, Journal of Clinical Nursing, Cancer Nursing and BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine. She has published several books as chief editor or translator, Practical Nursing Technology, Standards for Hospital Nursing Management and Quality Assessment, Oncology Diseases Community Care and Self-management, 446 Questions of Nursing for Breast Cancer Patients, How Much I Know about Cancer -Oncology Nursing”, “Oncology Nursing”, “The Humanistic Care in the Nursing” and “Putting Evidence into Practice - A Pocket Guide to Cancer Symptom Management”.