Publication of the 4th issue of Cancer Biology & Medicine

Special issue on cancer immunology and immunotherapy

As a peer-reviewed open-access journal, Cancer Biology & Medicine is quarterly published by China Anti-Cancer Association and Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute & Hospital. It focuses on translational cancer research, dedicating to narrowing the gap between bench and bedside. The journal is now indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE, IF=4.248) and Medline. All full texts are available at

In order to report the latest advances in cancer immunology and immunotherapy, we published this special issue with sincere appreciation to the Guest Editor Prof. Xiubao Ren (Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute & Hospital). In particular, his research on the role of ferritin in immune related adverse events is recommended. Besides, Prof. Yusuke Nakamura (Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research) summarized personalized immunotherapy in cancer precision medicine; and Prof. Xiaojun Huang (Peking University People’s Hospital) highlighted the developments of cellular immunotherapy in hematology.

The contents also involve immune evasion, tumor immune microenvironment, immune checkpoint inhibitor, CAR-T cells in treatment, and so on. We hope this issue will greatly benefit your research and clinical practice. Welcome to submit your work to Cancer Biology & Medicine.


Cancer immunology and immunotherapy

Xiubao Ren
Cancer Biol Med. 2021 Nov 15; 18(4): 931–933

Single-cell RNA sequencing reveals spatial heterogeneity and immune evasion of circulating tumor cells

Yunfan Sun, Jian Zhou, Jia Fan, Xinrong Yang
Cancer Biol Med. 2021 Nov 15; 18(4): 934–936.

Epithelial cells mimic immune cells: a novel path toward tumor immunotherapy

Ruining Gong, Yan Huang, Xiaoxuan Wang, Xiaobing Chen, Zibin Tian, He Ren
Cancer Biol Med. 2021 Nov 15; 18(4): 937–939.

The role of DLL1 in long-term vascular normalization and cancer immunotherapy

Qiaozhen Wu, Yuhui Huang
Cancer Biol Med. 2021 Nov 15; 18(4): 940–943.

Repurposing glucocorticoids as adjuvant reagents for immune checkpoint inhibitors in solid cancers

Yingyan Yu
Cancer Biol Med. 2021 Nov 15; 18(4): 944–948.

Multiplex imaging reveals the architecture of the tumor immune microenvironment

Junlei Zhang, Jinyuan Song, Jianpeng Sheng, Xueli Bai, Tingbo Liang
Cancer Biol Med. 2021 Nov 15; 18(4): 949–954.

Personalized immunotherapy in cancer precision medicine

Kazuma Kiyotani, Yujiro Toyoshima, Yusuke Nakamura
Cancer Biol Med. 2021 Nov 15; 18(4): 955–965.

Cellular immunotherapy for hematological malignancy: recent progress and future perspectives

Zhengli Xu, Xiaojun Huang
Cancer Biol Med. 2021 Nov 15; 18(4): 966–980.

Insights into tertiary lymphoid structures in the solid tumor microenvironment: anti-tumor mechanism, functional regulation, and immunotherapeutic strategies

Hua Zhao, Hao Wang, Qiuru Zhou, Xiubao Ren
Cancer Biol Med. 2021 Nov 15; 18(4): 981–991.

Targeting myeloid-derived suppressor cells for cancer therapy

Hongchao Tang, Hao Li, Zhijun Sun
Cancer Biol Med. 2021 Nov 15; 18(4): 992–1009.

Cyclophosphamide abrogates the expansion of CD4+Foxp3+ regulatory T cells and enhances the efficacy of bleomycin in the treatment of mouse B16-F10 melanomas

Ping Li, Fengyang Chen, Jingbin Zheng, Yang Yang, Yuan Li, Yifei Wang, Xin Chen
Cancer Biol Med. 2021 Nov 15; 18(4): 1010–1020.

EZH2 identifies the precursors of human natural killer cells with trained immunity

Chen Zhang, Jie Yin, Jian Zheng, Jun Xiao, Jiajian Hu, Yudong Su, Kaichen Zhou, Yingchi Zhang, Xuzhen Zhang, Hong Zhang, Qian Sun, Yang Wang, Wenwen Yu, Feng Wei, Qiang Zhao, Long Li, Xiubao Ren
Cancer Biol Med. 2021 Nov 15; 18(4): 1021–1039.

The commensal consortium of the gut microbiome is associated with favorable responses to anti-programmed death protein 1 (PD-1) therapy in thoracic neoplasms

Huihui Yin, Lu Yang, Gongxin Peng, Ke Yang, Yuling Mi, Xingsheng Hu, Xuezhi Hao, Yuchen Jiao, Xiaobing Wang, Yan Wang
Cancer Biol Med. 2021 Nov 15; 18(4): 1040–1052.

Residue substitution enhances the immunogenicity of neoepitopes from gastric cancers

Huahui Yu, Jieyu Li, Yuan Yuan, Yu Chen, Jingwen Hong, Chunmei Ye, Wansong Lin, Huijing Chen, Zengqing Guo, Bo Li, Yunbin Ye
Cancer Biol Med. 2021 Nov 15; 18(4): 1053–1065.

Culturing adequate CAR-T cells from less peripheral blood to treat B-cell malignancies

Lu Han, Jian Zhou, Linlin Li, Keshu Zhou, Lingdi Zhao, Xinghu Zhu, Qingsong Yin, Yufu Li, Hongqin You, Jishuai Zhang, Yongping Song, Quanli Gao
Cancer Biol Med. 2021 Nov 15; 18(4): 1066–1079.

Evaluation of 30 DNA damage response and 6 mismatch repair gene mutations as biomarkers for immunotherapy outcomes across multiple solid tumor types

Zhe Gong, Yue Yang, Jieyun Zhang, Weijian Guo
Cancer Biol Med. 2021 Nov 15; 18(4): 1080–1091

Synergistic effects of AAGL and anti-PD-1 on hepatocellular carcinoma through lymphocyte recruitment to the liver

Xiangdong Ye, Xueqing Wang, Wenhui Yu, Qing Yang, Yan Li, Yanxia Jin, Yanting Su, Jiaqi Song, Bo Xu, Hui Sun
Cancer Biol Med. 2021 Nov 15; 18(4): 1092–1108.

Ferritin as a diagnostic, differential diagnostic, and prognostic marker for immune-related adverse events

Weihong Zhang, Yuan Meng, Lin Yang, Meng Shen, Li Zhou, Runmei Li, Yang Wang, Weijiao Du, Yanjuan Xiong, Ying Han, Xinwei Zhang, Liang Liu, Xiubao Ren
Cancer Biol Med. 2021 Nov 15; 18(4): 1109–1117.

Analysis of characteristics and predictive factors of immune checkpoint inhibitor-related adverse events

Rilan Bai, Naifei Chen, Xiao Chen, Lingyu Li, Wei Song, Wei Li, Yuguang Zhao, Yongfei Zhang, Fujun Han, Zheng Lyu, Jiuwei Cui
Cancer Biol Med. 2021 Nov 15; 18(4): 1118–1133.

The prognostic landscape of genes and infiltrating immune cells in cytokine induced killer cell treated-lung squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma

Jian Wang, Fan Yang, Qian Sun, Ziqing Zeng, Min Liu, Wenwen Yu, Peng Zhang, Jinpu Yu, Lili Yang, Xinwei Zhang, Xiubao Ren, Feng Wei
Cancer Biol Med. 2021 Nov 15; 18(4): 1134–1147.